Mind, Body & Home- use interior design to increase wellbeing

How are you in yourself?  The constant battle to juggle the pressures of your job, finances, family & relationships has taken its toll and more of us are turning to methods to counteract these ill effect towards our health.

These measures include phone apps, Headspace and Calm have been downloaded more than twenty million times. Half a million active yoga member in the UK, an increase of 10% on last year’s figures. Nation bookstore chain Waterstones reported a 400% increase in book sales on mindfulness, just from late march alone when the coronavirus lockdown began.

Books & apps are the tip of the iceberg

With this proactive approach to your health and wellbeing, environment shouldn’t be overlooked either. In our day to day life our SNS or sympathetic nervous system is canvassing our surrounding ready to take action in repose to fight or flight signals.  Numerous studies have shown that being closer to nature reduces our SNS levels. A reduction in SNS levels translate into a reduction in blood pressure, and heart rate and improves rate of digestion and body recovery and repair.

We don’t need to be on walk in a woods to feel these benefits; a report that was commissioned in 2009 highlighted the positive attributes of…

nature, timber, light and ventilation

applied to buildings both domestic and commercial to reduce stress and increase the body’s ability to heal. One of CLT’s (cross laminated timber) many stand out build features is its ability to be used as a finished internal wall covering, precisely why the Dyson centre was the first UK clinical healthcare unit to be built using the exposed timber. The Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care at the Royal United Hospital in Bath which was completed in 2011 had purposely placed windows to allow natural light to flood the ward, the buildings unique hug shape design achieved using the exposed CLT panels creates a sense wellbeing that parents and new born babies would benefit from in their recuperation once moved from the high-dependency unit to the state of the art neonatal rooms.

Shared similarities in both design and execution

LIGNA shares many similarities in both design and execution to the six million pound neonatal unit, both;

  • Are a single storey extension and refurbishment of the original building.
  • Champion the use of windows to create as much natural light as possible.
  • Use a mixture of exposed timber and traditionally finished internal walls
  • Are made off site which reduces the day to day disruption on site
  • Create a comfortable and warm environment.

Lastly and most importantly, even though our uses widely differ we both have the same common goal. By using sustainable natural resources, technology and creative design we can create a building that can improve quality of life.


A LIGNA Home Extension boasts a modern, grand design style single storey rear extension completed in 3 weeks.  A choice of flat, sloped and pitched roof designs. External finishes include wood, grey aluminium, white render and brick.

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