Why coronavirus confirmed I was doing the right thing with my home

In late 2016, I spoke with my wife about adding an extension to our home. It was our first home that we had bought together. It is a lovely 3-bed semi-detached house. It had a good size garden, big enough for a trampoline, not so big that I was going to lose many a weekend tending to the grass cutting.

The real potential of this house was we would be able to put add a double story side extension and single to storey rear extension. This would allow us to add a fourth bedroom and re-arrange the downstairs to give us a new open plan kitchen living area.

Planning permission was granted in 2017, so…

Why has Coronavirus confirmed I was doing the right thing, now?

Before I answer that why has it so long for me to build the extension? Three reasons:

One) We had a new addition to the family so we didn’t want our house turned upside down for months on end with a newborn baby.

Two) We later then moved our business’ location, so all our effort and energy went into the setup of the new offices.

Three) I always had my eye on Rightmove looking at 4-bed houses thinking that something ready to move into would suit our busy lifestyle better.

How a lockdown has made me appreciate where I live

Like you, being at home has made me appreciate what I have. Regrettably, it took a pandemic to realise this but every cloud eh?

I actually like where I live, I like my neighbours, and I love how close it is to my girl’s school. I love that I can be in the office in 10minutes.

While I am full of appreciation and a newfound love for my home, we are still aware we need some more space. I’m over, looking at the primary colours of my Children’s toys, it would be great to have a door that I can just close so I don’t have to see the mess.

I have resided to closing a door rather than putting them away as they come out as quickly as we put them away three/four times some days.

I’d love an adult space, a snug or living room somewhere to decompress maybe get back to reading. Having been on lockdown, it feels like I’m always in the kitchen, I certainly would appreciate the extra worktop space and storage I would get in the new kitchen; it would also be great to be able to see the rest of the family when I’m in the kitchen not isolated away from them.

The real tipping point for me now though which I didn’t know in 2017 is my house will not be turned upside down for 6months.

How a LIGNA extension can help

When we summited our planning application we were looking at a traditional build method. LIGNA hadn’t even been conceived as an idea at that time, now with all the development we have done to be able to design the space and have most of the work carried out off-site.  We can condense a 27-week build into 8weeks complete ready to use, you’ll find me at my new kitchen island!

I took my house for granted and forgot what I had, by no means is it perfect, but I know what we need to do to get it how we want it and we won’t need to wait anywhere near as long as I first suspected.


A LIGNA Home Extension boasts a modern, grand design style single storey rear extension completed in 3 weeks.  A choice of flat, sloped and pitched roof designs. External finishes include wood, grey aluminium, white render and brick.

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